Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
I am a novice and have little time to follow the market. What would you recommend I do with respect to all your services?

Some of our members who have little time primarily use the MDM (market direction model) service. When there is a change in signal, you will receive an email sent out at the time of the signal change with a list of recommended ETFs. You could then take part or all of your account, depending on your position sizing and risk tolerance levels, and buy a 1-times, 2-times, or 3-times ETF on the recommended list. You could also buy more than one ETF if you so chose.

If you have additional time to spare, you could put some of your account into buying or shorting any of the stocks we email out in our reports through our other services such as BGU (buyable gap ups), PPR (pocket pivot review), SSS (short-sale set ups), or MLR (market lab report).

Published: Feb 12 2011, Modified: Aug 27 2012