Frequently Asked Questions

Dr K Market Direction Model
Your Market Timing Results page it states "(as of May 31) +46.8% [general trading using all services including the market timing service]". Can explain how you are getting the +46.8%.
The 46.8% figure is based on our trading on our one wealth management account using all services, meaning we are utilizing the Market Direction Model to guide our trading on the long or short side, while pyramiding into names such as AGQ and DGP which continued to trend higher.


If one were to just trade a single ETF based on the signal changes in the Market Direction Model, going 100% long on a buy signal, 100% short on a sell signal, and 100% cash on a neutral signal, the results are shown here. As of this writing [August 28, 2011], the model is up nicely and well ahead of the general market averages.

Published: Aug 28 2011