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Market Lab Report
So is it dangerous to buy Stock XYZ ahead of earnings? Or do you think you’ll be out by then?

OK, there is a good lesson to teach here: What makes you think I know whether its "dangerous" to buy XYZ before earnings? It's only dangerous if it goes down after earnings, and there's no way to know what its going to do ahead of time, unless you have a crystal ball. Learn to deal with the inherent uncertainty that exists in the markets. If you hold a stock into earnings you should know whether your risk tolerance (and portfolio) can handle a blow-up. ​Relying on others to tell you something they can't, e.g., the future, is a weakness that you need to correct if you find yourself doing it a lot. We're here to help show you how to become a better trade/investor, not do your thinking for you! ;-)

Published: Jan 17 2016