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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr K VIX Volatility Model
The price of highly volatile ETFs can move a couple percent by the time I receive the email alert.

For both models, the time to buy is when the email is sent. Some members have their mobile phones alert them using an email app whenever they receive an email from us, so they can immediately act on the signal.

That said, VVM volatility ETFs can at times make rapid moves in price, especially near the open, though in practice, the ETFs usually move for or against or both, so there is usually still time to enter a position often within 5-10 or more minutes of the email being sent, and sometimes at an even better price as was the case with a couple of the signals in late December 2015. That said, it can also work against. Highly volatile vehicles such as UVXY can move a few percent or more within a couple of minutes during volatile phases of the market, thus the price at the time the email was sent compared to your execution price may differ by some percent in either direction, for better or worse.

We have decided to include the price of the ETF (UVXY for BUY signal, XIV for SELL signal) when the email is sent so one can see how close to that price the ETF is trading when they read their email. Then, should the ETF be trading at a price higher than what is shown in the email, one can then position size accordingly or wait until the price gets close enough to be bought. Returns on winning trades are typically at least 4-5 times the losses from losing trades as the losers are kept typically to within a few percent or less with the self-learning, fail-safe, sell stops in place.

Published: Jan 14 2016, Modified: May 18 2017