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Does virtue of selfish investing offer any summer internships or training programs?
We spend summers on Maui, and the last thing my wife wants with us when we are in Maui are interns! ;-) Seriously, no, we don't. Since we spend most of our time OUT of the office, working essentially in a "virtual office" with Dr. K in London and Cape Town, me on the beach in LA, and our Director of Ops and Trading Bill Griffith working in San Ramon east of the SF Bay area, we're not even sure how we would handle an intern or any other additional employees. I think the best program we can offer to anyone seeking to learn about the market is to have you read all 50 of the books listed on Dr. K's top 50 investment books. That alone would earn you a Master's degree in investing, at least from an academic point of view. Hope that helps.

Published: Jan 25 2011