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The O’Neil Disciples, Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, co-authors of “Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market”, and and top performing portfolio managers for legendary investor William O'Neil, show you how to gain a material edge in today’s market
When breakouts become obvious and everybody sees them, decreasing their effectiveness, stop running with the herd and learn to use the alternative buying techniques employed by Dr. K and Gil to gain an advantage over the crowd.
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Pocket Pivots™, Buyable Gap-Ups™, VooDoo, and Undercut & Rally are powerful buying techniques that take O’Neil-style growth investing to the next level. Use Dr. K’s Timing Models to ensure you are in sync with the market or trade index and sector ETFs based on the models’ buy, sell, and neutral/cash signals.
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Supercharge your profits using our time-tested, optimized, low risk buying strategies includingUndercut & Rally, VooDoo low volume signatures, Buyable Gap-Ups and Pocket Pivots.We combine positive fundamentals with technical timing to stack the odds in our favor. Some examples:
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Just because a stock is "extended" on a gap-up move doesn't mean you can't buy it. The fact is that in many leading stocks, a Buyable Gap-Up™ can often be your most profitable buy point!
Riot Blockchain (RIOT)
on December 11, 2017 at $19
On December 11, 2017, we issued a Buyable Gap-Up Report for Riot Blockchain (RIOT) which was moving sync with the rapid rise in the leading crypto-currency, Bitcoin. Our report was actionable at the $19 price level that day and the stock more than doubled over the next five trading days. When they work well, buyable gap-ups can offer some of the most explosive buy signals available to our members. In addition, we should note that RIOT was discussed as a pocket pivot during our live market webinar on November 20, 2017, when it was trading just above $8 a share.
Momo (MOMO)
on March 7, 2017 at $30
Momo (MOMO) posted a buyable gap-up after earnings on March 7th, looking "extended" at that point, but for those who know how to implement the rules of buyable gap-ups, the stock could have easily been purchased at that point. Interestingly, we had already issued a pocket pivot alert to our members on January 23rd as MOMO was rounding out the lows and starting to come up the right side of what turned out to be a new base. This occurred well before and far below any kind of standard-issue base breakout, and allowed investors to get in long before the March buyable gap-up.
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Use Pocket Pivot™ buy points to purchase a stock when it's still within its base, before the crowd sees it!
Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)
on October 30, 2017 at $720
Maybe you missed the recent "Bitcoin mania," but we didn't. On October 30, 2017, we issued a Pocket Pivot Report alerting members to the set-up in the primary Bitcoin ETF, the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) when it was trading at $720. The move from there was epic, as has been well-documented in the media, with GBTC quickly eventually going into a climactic, parabolic price move that carried to an eventual peak of $3,523 in December. The Bitcoin phenomenon can at times appear incoherent and emotionally-driven, but our work has shown that precise buy signals can and do show up for crypto-currency-related stocks and ETFs alike. We believe that blockchain technology is real, and that more such investment opportunities based on this theme have the potential to appear in 2018 and beyond.
JD.com (JD)
on January 4, 2017 at $25.85
JD.com (JD) posted a subtle pocket pivot on January 4, 2017. Note that there were also two other pocket pivots on January 3rd and 5th as the stock was still working its way through a base formation in December 2017. Shortly thereafter the stock began trending higher, eventually gathering strong upside momentum that led to a strong buyable gap-up move in May 2017. Note also that prior to the January 4th pocket pivot, JD has posted several pocket pivot signatures within the base as it "percolated" in preparation for an eventual move higher.
Note: Pocket Pivots™ and Buyable Gap-Ups™ are not issued as recommendations to purchase a stock, but as real-time reports alerting you to potentially actionable and factual technical action in a leading stock. Examples shown here are intended to illustrate the advantage traders and investors can gain by acting on these reports while also implementing proper risk-management and stop-loss techniques. As we like to say, in the stock market the opportunity of a lifetime can come every few weeks. Catching one or two big winners, and doing so early, can make your whole investment year, and our goal is to help you do just that.
NASDAQ Composite Market Direction Model
Trading Return 2000 - 2016
NASDAQ Composite Buy and Hold Return 2000 - 2016 +32.3%
Index Market Direction Model Trading Return
2000 - 2016
Buy-and-Hold Return
2000 - 2016
NASDAQ Composite +738.4%* +32.3%
* conservative approach using NO leverage
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Our timing strategies can help you profit from identifiable market trends, whether up, down, or sideways. Use them to implement an ETF-based investment strategy that can simplify the process and put you in a position to produce big profits during strong market trends. See our results to understand how the Market Direction Model functions in actual market environments. We also provide guidance to trading volatility which can be very time sensitive. With heavy market manipulations via quantitative easing (QE), the market has been through its toughest years so far for market timing. Go here for more details.

Our Crypto Report section provides guidance on various cryptocurrencies as well as vehicles such as GBTC (tracks bitcoin), ETHE (tracks ethereum), and ETCG (tracks ethereum classic).
Dr K's metrics have called every major top and bottom in bitcoin since 2011 (as of this writing Feb 19, 2020).

Here's one example of the CryptoTimer in action:

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