Frequently Asked Questions

Dr K Market Direction Model
Is the systematic portion of your market direction model a black box in that it is computer programmable?

This is only partially true. Some of the rules I have built are not black box but subject to the quality of prior price/volume formation of the NASDAQ and S&P 500. Thus, even though the rules are hard and fast for the systematic model, they still depend on this quality characteristic. Being able to size up 'quality' is based on my many years of experience in analyzing millions of charts since 1989. 


This is perhaps best explained by way of analogy. In the years I worked with William O'Neil, his uncanny ability to interpret the innate quality of a base is nearly unmatched. I equate this to his decades of experience analyzing charts. For example, the difference between a great base, a good base, a marginal base, and all the degrees in between, is contextual, and programming a computer to 'see' the subtle differences would be quite the challenge if not impossible. 

Published: Jun 22 2010