Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Is there a list of the stocks you are long?
No, that is proprietary. Revealing our positions would a) constitute a violation of our fiduciary duty to our investors, and b) only confuse you. We only disclose positions in stocks or ETFs when we issue a report that discusses that particular stock or ETF.


Keep in mind that we don't trade like a mutual fund where we have static portfolios for a period of time. Our positions can change rapidly, and position sizes can also change rapidly and can vary from 20-30% to 150% or more of our portfolio value depending on how much velocity we think a stock or ETF has at any particular point in time. Positions can be held for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Also, Dr. K and I have slightly different trading styles, which further confuses the issue. We both trade our own personal accounts separately.

Published: Oct 9 2010