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Market Lab Report
My stock did not move higher with the strong market today. Should I sell it or be concerned?
As long as the a stock continues to act well within its own parameters, e.g., holds above key moving averages or prior breakout points, as YGE and TSL are currently doing (as of 10/6/10), they are fine. Just because a stock doesn't move when the market moves doesn't mean anything. ROVI was not responding to the market for a while there, but it finally launched. For example, on 9/15/10 the market was up but NFLX was down, but NFLX eventually turned around and went higher. Stocks don't have to have a big move on a big up market day. Nobody wonders what's wrong when a stock has a big move on a day the market is flat or down, but for some reason people seem to be hung up on this idea that EVERYTHING needs to go up when the market goes up, and if it doesn't there's something just isn't so!

Published: Oct 5 2010