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Market Lab Report
What are some things that a trader can start doing now to improve?

Go back through all your trades for the last two to three years. Print out the charts and take out a red pen and mark where you bought and where you sold. Then make a list of the mistakes you have made. Write out a list of how not to make those mistakes and paste that list up on a wall. Carry the charts with you so you can review them frequently. This reinforces what you did right, and what you did wrong.


Also, make sure you understand your trading personality and trading psychology so you can position size accordingly. If you are taking on position sizes that creates volatility in your account that you cant stomach, you are liable to sell too soon.


Finally, keep a regular journal of your trades, your successes, your failures, and your market observations, then review it monthly. You may be surprised how much you learn by doing this.

Published: Oct 3 2010