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What are the differences between Virtue of Selfish Investing and Gilmo Report?

The most striking differences between Virtue of Selfish Investing (VoSI) and Gilmo Report are as follows:

Virtue of Selfish Investing hands you a fish if you have little to no time to watch the markets by way of email updates in real-time that include our stock buy/sell/short suggestions as well as ETF suggestions based on buy or sell signals issued by the Market Direction Model, so the member can act on the email(s) immediately if they so choose. VoSI also teaches you to fish should you wish to optimize your skills at investing through its Articles, Blog, and FAQ sections. We have built an extensive Q&A database where users can write in with their questions so you can optimize your personal psychology and fine-tune your investment strategy, if you so choose. Gilmo Report also teaches the reader how to fish, and the reader is expected to spend some time monitoring their positions.

VoSI contains several main sections which are discussed here: There so far has been little overlap with Gilmo Report since VSI emails out real-time, intraday alerts as we see them, as well as intraday and after market reports so you can get them on the fly on your computer, phone, or PDA. Gilmo Report does not email but posts a new report twice a week, once on Wednesday, once on Sunday.

Note, the Virtue of Selfish Investing website is unrelated to Gilmo Report. VSI is produced by Virtue of Selfish Investing, LLC, a California RIA, which is Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher. Gilmo Report is produced by Gil Morales & Company, LLC (GMCO), a California RIA,which is Gil Morales and Kevin Marder, author of the included Marder on the Market report. The two companies are in no way related - they are entirely separate concerns. Dr. Kacher is no longer associated with Gilmo Report, as he, together with Gil Morales, are producing content for VoSI.

Published: Sep 1 2010, Modified: May 12 2014