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General Questions
What if I cant watch my stocks during the day to take advantage of the real-time email updates?
We are strong believers that it is possible for individual investors to take a "Darvas Approach," and only look at their stocks at the end of the day, placing their orders after the opening on the next day. This is what the famous dancer Nicholas Darvas did, and he describes it in his book, "How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market." We think individuals who work a day job and can't have their noses in the quote screen can follow his example. We would also point out that we often do better when we watch the screen less. We had a very good week during our trip to NYC last week, and we hardly watched the market at all. Just took positions, set stops, and let the market take care of the rest as we ran around the city for appearances on and interviews with Fox Biz News, Reuters, Bloomberg, Forbes. Barron's etc.

Published: Sep 6 2010