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Market Lab Report
What is your view on mechanical or black box trading? Is it something you are doing?

In 1998 I worked with the head programmer at O’Neil. We wanted a computer to identify the quality of a base and act accordingly. But what we found was it is virtually impossible to tell a computer what we are seeing. There are too many exceptions. There is no substitute for experience. Experience gives you in depth knowledge and understanding so you know when to make exceptions. O'Neil is perhaps one of the best at doing this. O'Neil doesnt trade CANSLIM. CANSLIM is for retail investors. While O'Neil's inherent logic behind his trading overlaps greatly with CANSLIM, O'Neil's ample experience enables him to deviate from CANSLIM at critical moments. This is one of the things that make O'Neil legendary.


That said, we monitor the market daily, run our screens, look at many charts and hand pick the best of the bunch for our members.

Published: Oct 3 2010