Frequently Asked Questions

Dr K Market Direction Model
How important are the timing models in determining asset allocation in stocks?

When it comes to stocks, let your stocks tell you when to buy and when to sell. We provide Weekend Review and Focus List reports to guide you. 

As we have advised, stock selection and exposure should be less dependent on our two timing models in this quantitative easing manipulated environment (as of this writing 8-29-16).

The Market Direction Model can at times be used as a guide especially in prior markets that were not so heavily influenced by quantitative easing, but ultimately, our shorter term trading strategies of taking profits when you have them in context with a stock's chart and keeping stops tight should be based primarily on what your stocks tell you to do. Our Focus List, Weekend Review, and any stocks you have placed on your personal watch list should be your main guides.

The VIX Volatility Model is a different strategy when compared with how one should trade stocks so its buy and sell signals should not influence one's stock holdings.

Published: Aug 29 2016