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General Questions
Can I receive reports such as market direction model signal changes on my phone?

You can receive our Real-time Report alerts via Twitter.  Just follow us @vsinvesting.

If Twitter is not an option for you, the following may help.

We're not currently able to send SMS directly, but a lot of carriers offer an Email-to-SMS service where an email sent to yourCellNumber@txt.att.net will be converted to a text message and sent to your phone. (This example is for Cingular, but other carriers I'm sure will have a similar service, and they may even be free up to a certain limit.)

Of course, this is probably only suitable for very short emails. Our emails will be longer than the maximum number of characters allowed for a single text message, and I don't know how each carrier would handle this. But even if they clip the email and send you just the first few characters of the message, it would be enough to alert you, and you can then log into your mail account and read the full text.

Note, you can set up some email services such as Gmail to forward only emails from virtueofselfishinvesting.com to yourCellNumber@txt.att.net This way you won't be bombarded with messages, and a copy will be kept in your Gmail account.

First published: 21 Oct 2010
Last updated: 20 Jun 2016