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Pocket Pivot Review / Buyable Gap Ups
Can you discuss how you would handle stock or ETF XYZ?

Q: Can you discuss how you would handle stock XYZ?

I made a mistake and bought during the first 30 minutes of trading. I thought it was breaking out of a base so I added shares from my earlier pock pivot. Now it doesn't look like it was a smart move.

 A: First, we don't provide personal investment advice to members - it is unethical to do so when the vast majority of VoSI members do not ask us for such advice, so we only provide specific comments on stocks in our reports. We also operate under an SEC Publisher's Exclusion and so are forbidden from providing personal investment advice. If we have anything to say about a stock, we would issue a report to all members as appropriate. The proper and allowable forum for questions is during our live webinars. You can leave us an email beforehand, and we will answer it during the webinar which you can then hear at your convenience. 

Secondly, how we "would handle it" is irrelevant since I might handle it one way and Dr. K might handle it another way - there is no one size fits all solution here. If you are expecting us to tell you that XYZ is fine and just hold the stock, forget it, because this is how you should truly be thinking about it:

If you add to a position on the basis of bullish technical action that you are seeing at any point any time, and shortly thereafter that bullish technical action reverses, making the premise of your add false, how do YOU handle it? If you add to a position and it falls below the price where you added, that portion is underwater - what is your stop for it? The 10-dma? The top of the base? The bottom of the base? The 50-dma? 7-8%? That's what you need to think about, not how we would handle it. Empower yourself!

First published: 31 Jan 2012
Last updated: 13 May 2022