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Market Lab Report
Can you provide some post-earnings comment on stocks XYZ, 123, both which are showing significant volume in connection with big moves, and one which you had commented on earlier.
We send out alerts on pocket pivots in the Pocket Pivot Review with guidelines for stops when the pocket pivots occur and we believe they are buyable. We see no need for some running commentary on the stocks if they continue to act well, in our view. What is it we're supposed to tell you here that the stock isn't already telling you itself? Earnings come out, stock acts well, nothing to do. Earnings come out, stock breaks down on heavy volume or breaks a key moving average, then you have to look at selling it. There are no qualitative shades of commentary that offer any practical help other than simply reacting according to stops and the price/volume action of the stocks. Also, as we wrote yesterday, holding ANY stock into earnings requires careful consideration of the risk inherent in any negative reaction, based on your own risk tolerance.
First published: 24 Oct 2010
Last updated: 24 Oct 2010