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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Pocket Pivot Review / Buyable Gap Ups
Do you have results for your pocket pivot service? Also, do you advise when a stock hits a sell signal?
Q: I have been using your service for over a week now and wanted to see if you have any results for your pocket pivot service. I can see the results for the ETF strategy, but nothing for your PP system. Also, do you notify when a stock hits a sell signal? So far, I have only seen buy signals.

A: Pocket pivots are not a portfolio management "system." They are an identifiable, objective buy signals for which we issue reports when they occur. The information is provided to members who can then decide how to use it. If we identify and send out a report on a pocket pivot in a leading stock that members are following, such as GPRO or TSLA or FB, for example, members can then decide whether to initiate a position, add to an existing position, or simply watch the stock knowing that it is showing constructive action.

That last option is important since, during a market correction, stocks issuing pocket pivot signals may not necessarily be buyable at that point in time. However, the fact that the stock is showing constructive technical action such as a pocket pivot during a correction flags its as a stock to watch and perhaps act on when the market turns back to the upside.

Members are also free to set their own stops, and we describe several methods for determining selling guides and stops on the website FAQ page as well as in our books.

First published: 17 Jan 2016
Last updated: 17 Jan 2016