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Have we hit a market top? BTC and other major leaders like LINK, SNX, and AAVE seem to be struggling.
 No, we have not hit a major market top, but a minor top within a bull run, yes. This is our third minor top this year. Minor tops occur with regularity during bull runs where bitcoin can correct by as much as -40% and alts a lot more as correlations remain high. Other coins such as ethereum and alt coins get pulled down along with bitcoin. Usually, it is negative news or profit taking that causes the correction.

Some of the other metrics I use that can cause swings in price including Grayscale lockup expirations, major mining pool activity, Coinbase premiums, and futures funding rates as well as the flow of bitcoin, ethereum, and USDT onto and off of major exchanges, all of which is viewable on the blockchain. This gives me insight into whether there is a big bout of buying/support or selling ahead which can cause a correction of several percent or more in bitcoin within a few days or less. 
First published: 25 Mar 2021
Last updated: 5 Apr 2021