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Dr K Market Direction Model
How can I use this site to boost my returns since we are living in such challenging times?

Returns can be boosted by going long or short 2-times or 3-times ETFs that serve as good proxys for the Nasdaq Composite. Since many ETFs highly correlate, there are many to choose from, including EWZ (Brazil), FXI (China), and India MSCI ETF which is traded on the Singapore exchange. However, if you wish to stay as close as possible to the Nasdaq Composite, the best ETFs would be the 2-times QID/QLD and the 3-times TYH/TYP. We will email ETF suggestions whenever the model issues a buy or a sell signal.


You can also do what I’ve done since 1991, the first year I was able to handily beat the US market averages. Buy top quality stocks in top industry groups when the model signals a buy. Two of our other services, Pocket Pivot Review and Buyable Gap Ups, email you stock suggestions for potentially larger gains since we all want to achieve that brass ring 100% in a year's time if the market allows. 


It has been shown that in 2009, the market behaved abnormally. The best performers were low grade junk-off-the-bottom stocks while high grade CANSLIM type stocks completely underperformed. However, buying the highest grade stocks at pocket pivot points and normal breakouts such as SNDA, NTES, BIDU, GMCR, STEC, in March, April, and May 2009 would have produced excellent returns. Don’t create bad habits of buying junk just because the market is temporarily askew.

First published: 22 Jun 2010
Last updated: 26 Aug 2012