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General Questions
I am interested in subscribing. How can I see old reports so I better understand how the services work?

Please go to https://www.virtueofselfishinvesting.com/reports, roll your mouse over Pocket Pivot Review, Dr K Market Direction Model or Market Lab Report, then click on August. We launched August 10, so this is the first month of the service. You will then be able to read old reports.

If you look at the time stamp on each report, you will see the exact time each report was sent out. You can then compare that to the price the stock was trading at when each report was sent out. Members receive these reports in real-time on their computer or cell/mobile phones/PDAs so they can immediately act on our suggestions. For those who are unable to act on our suggestions in real-time, they can choose to act on them the next trading day. On balance, waiting until the next day can result in a better or worse entry price, depending in some part on how the general market behaves. Mini gap ups and gap downs in the general stock market averages have been increasingly common, and opening prices of individual stocks often reflect this behavior.

First published: 31 Aug 2010
Last updated: 26 Aug 2012