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General Questions
I depend on your service for guidance, yet you are telling me to look elsewhere?

VoSI is not intended as a timing service where we tell you what to buy and when to buy it as well as when to sell it, or what to short and when to cover. Short-Sale Set-Up reports, like Pocket Pivot and Buyable Gap-Up reports on the long side, are intended to identify set-ups for members who are then free to use that information as they deem fit for themselves. An understanding of how to use that information is necessary, and we discuss our methods and techniques in great detail in our books and live webinars.

We believe in teaching our members how to fish, rather than handing them a fish. Our intent is to empower members to advance their trading skills and abilities, and not to create dependence on us telling them what to do and when to do it.

Only the Market Direction Model is intended as a timing service, where buy/sell/neutral signals are given. My suggestion is that if you wish to implement our reports such as Short-Sale Set-Ups into your own trading and investing, then it would be very useful to learn about and understand proper short-selling methods. Knowledge is power.

First published: 30 Nov 2018
Last updated: 30 Nov 2018