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Pocket Pivot Review / Buyable Gap Ups
I do see Gigamon (GIMO) in your Focus List and I think it had a Pocket Pivot day on 9-14-16. Can you explain why it was not emailed out that day as actionable?

When a stock gets added to our Focus List, it can do so by offering either a buy point or by trading in such a way where it should be monitored. We then send members an email.

Overall, it is up to each member to decide which stocks on our focus list they wish to track for potential buy points by way of constructive pullbacks into logical areas of support or pocket pivots that are not extended.

On 9-14-16, GIMO had a pocket pivot breakout to new highs. In this market environment (date of this FAQ 9-19-16), breakouts often fail, so it is often better to be buying a stock such as GIMO when it was trading around its 20-day moving average. Indeed, it finished 9-14 up nearly 7% which may pose too much risk for some members. One's sell stop would probably be beyond 7% if one bought near the close on 9/14. Of course, one could anticipate GIMO having a pocket pivot on 9/14, in which case, buying earlier in the day at a lower price would be a less risky option.

First published: 19 Sep 2016
Last updated: 19 Sep 2016