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Pocket Pivot Review / Buyable Gap Ups
If an initial position is established earlier with the expectation of a pocket pivot point, but later find out that the volume is insufficient, do I close the position right away?

That's up to you. If the stock was up on a pick-up in volume and held its highs, technically it did well even though it didn't maintain the volume necessary for a pocket pivot. We cannot hold your hand on the trade - you must take positions and then set your own stop-loss points. If you decide at the outset when you take the position that you will sell if it doesn't actually trade enough volume for the pocket pivot, then that would be your "stop-loss rule." If you bought the stock with the idea of using a 3-5% stop, then that would be another "stop-loss rule." There are different ways to handle it based on your initial expectations for the trade, your risk-tolerance and your time horizon for the trade.


Pocket Pivot Review just flags potential pocket pivots or actual ones when they occur, it doesn't tell you what to do so you can close your eyes and follow something blindly. We do not advocate that at all, and the ONLY part of the website that is intended for members to follow with buy/sell/neutral recommendations is the Market Direction Model portion of the website.

First published: 29 Dec 2010
Last updated: 12 Apr 2012