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If the dollar starts to crash, how would one transfer their GBTC investment priced in dollars to BTC without exposing it to the crashing dollar?
Q: If an investor is invested in crypto (specifically GBTC) (which is priced in U.S. Dollars) and fiats do indeed begin crashing worldwide, how would one transfer their GBTC investment to BTC without exposing the portfolio to the crashing dollar?

A: Reserve currencies don't just crash to zero overnight. There are accelerating trends when a currency starts to hyperinflate, so it would become apparent over a period of days, or more likely months, that one should exit the dollar. You should consult Grayscale with this question to confirm they have enough bitcoin to cover a mass exodus out of GBTC so everyone can get filled the same day the request is made (or whatever is their normal redemption timeframe). You would then move your dollars to a reputable crypto exchange and buy bitcoin. Or you could use any of the other newer avenues such as PayPal but do your due diligence on any platform you decide to use to convert dollars into bitcoin.
First published: 25 Apr 2021
Last updated: 25 Apr 2021