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On your pricing...

Q: I really need to talk to you, hopefully at the Las Vegas show if my schedule allows. Your analysis and commentary is a breath of fresh air. Some of us, while wanting to delve into the financial arena have other lives that require our attention. Your brand of "No hype, No bullshit analysis" is truly rare. Some charge 400/mo or more for their newletters and I can tell you without equivocation that your analysis and commentary where it counts (in the wallet) is head and shoulders above the rest. At the risk of sounding stupid, raise the rates for your services.


A: While we realize that others are able to get away with offering less for more, our objective is to simply take customers away from those who charge what we feel are exorbitant rates for their market commentary, whether related to stocks, bonds, commodities or other asset classes. Our view is that the internet offers a unique opportunity to add real value by taking advantage of the leverage inherent in being able to reach a large group of consumers of investment commentary by undercutting the competition and offering a materially superior product. Offering high value at an affordable price is the hallmark of American entrepreneurism, and it is the business model that we have chosen to adhere to. This also allows those of more modest means who may be starting out as beginning investors with little capital to benefit from our work, which is consistent with our goal of giving back.


We may be capitalists, but we are not capitalist pigs. That is just how we roll.

First published: 15 Apr 2011
Last updated: 15 Apr 2011