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General Questions
Please tell me about your upcoming book, slated for Wiley's fall 2012 line-up.

Q: I bought your Trade like an O'Neil Disciple book over a year ago and I really found it very informative. I am new to the trading world, only 32, and I really appreciated all the aspects your book covered. The psychological points of view and the mistakes will be worth their weight in gold. I've also bought almost a dozen books from your recommendation list. Your book has been a great help and I have read it many times.


Anyway, your About Us page says you both are working on a new book for summer 2012 release. Is this going to be a follow-up or continuation of your 1st book? What will the book topic be? Any information would be greatly appreciated as I will definitely be adding it to my growing collection. Thank you to both of you for taking the time to put all of your information in a book to help all of us striving to become better traders.



A: Our new book is slated for Wiley's fall line-up, so expect it to launch around September. It will be an in depth examination into our methodology, enabling the reader to understand on an emotional and intellectual level how we trade. It will also include a psychological assessment in terms of how the reader sees the market, an in-depth analysis of the trades we did in 2011, and how we were able to well outperform the market averages that year, a year of trendless, news driven, gap-up/gap-down volatility. A trading simulation and a multimedia segment will be included since visuals are important in training your 'chart' eye.

First published: 2 Jun 2012
Last updated: 2 Jun 2012