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Dr K Market Direction Model
Please walk me through the basics on how to use the Market Direction Model in my trading.

For any of the ETFs, you would buy a fixed percentage of the ETF on a buy signal, short the same percentage of the same ETF (or buy the inverse equivalent) on a sell signal, and move to 100% cash on a neutral signal.

Some members elect to pyramid into their ETF position whereby they buy more as the price moves higher. Of course, the parameters one sets on pyramiding their position is a function of their personal risk tolerance levels. Some may buy smaller % positions as their ETF moves higher. Others may buy equal amounts. The important point is that one should never hold a position size that is larger than their risk tolerance permits.

Note, in challenging, non-trending environments, one may be more prone to pyramid their position since they will lose less if the signal proves false.

The way you find the buy, sell or neutral signal is to log in and check what the signal is per the website results page. If the signal changes, you will get an email alert.

First published: 23 Sep 2011
Last updated: 3 Oct 2014