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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Market Lab Report
Should I buy or sell stock XYZ/ETF XYZ/Crypto XYZ here? What do you think of stock/ETF XYZ? Can I call you?

We do not offer personalized investment advice.

If you are subscribed to our webinars, you can send us an investment-related question which we will answer in that forum.

If you have a general non-investment related question about the website, you can always email us.

It is beyond the scope of the website to provide personalized investment advice, evaluations, and recommendations - if every VoSI member asked us for such advice it would overwhelm our resources. To provide a forum for such questions, however, we have provided a live webinar service wherein attendess can ask specific questions regarding certain stocks or other securities. Otherwise we provide personal investment consultative and advisory services at a starting rate of $5,000 per month for investors interested in having us work more closely with them in a personal, one-on-one format.

That said, we do our best to cover all stocks we think deserve comment, then send out real-time email updates to all members. Some stocks are only recommended as buys, then it is up to each investor to determine when they wish to sell. Guiding investors in selling has its challenges since each investor has different risk tolerance levels and time horizons. Note, just because we dont recommend a stock for purchase does not mean it might not fit your portfolio.

Our objective here is to offer the best, personalized service one can get from two seasoned former O'Neil pros, and so some structure is necessary to do this within the limited time that we have available. We appreciate your understanding, and encourage you to send us emails when you have an issue that is deemed "educational," but also remember that the FAQ section can answer most questions regarding position-handling, setting stops, etc.

We also don't make random commentary on individual stocks or cryptos. If they fit our Buyable Gap Ups (BGU) or Pocket Pivot Review (PPR) criteria, and we like them, we will discuss them through BGU or PPR. 

On selling, our own individual selling styles can vary greatly since variables in our accounts may be different such as % long vs % short and account diversification preference.

Some investors prefer to use the 50dma outright as their sell guide instead of the 10dma provided the stock doesnt violate their maximum loss point, which also is different for each investor. But that said, we will sometimes issue sell recommendations on stocks if we see danger ahead.

Also, for further clarification on some selling strategies, read How do you set your sell stops?

As for whether we like a stock, we'll apprise members of any stocks we think are worth buying on a pocket pivot basis (which includes gap ups and base breakouts). We watch many stocks but may not make mention of any until we see a good entry point. That said, just because we dont mention a stock does not mean it's not worth buying if it suits your style, ie, your risk levels, etc. We often may ignore a slower mover, even though it may be sound, in favor of faster movers.

First published: 3 Oct 2010
Last updated: 17 Jan 2022