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Thank you for sharing your NY trip with us on the blog. Pictures of places and situations the rest of us will never experience. Very nice!
Don't sell yourself short. Visualize yourself in those photos. Back when I was a rookie/broker trainee at Merrill Lynch they used to put out a list of how much in commissions ("production" it was called) was done each day by each broker in the office. Obviously, the big, successful "swinging sausage" brokers doing all the business were up at the top of the list. Back then my name was at the bottom of that list of about 80 brokers in that office, so I got a copy of it and cut out my name and pasted it in the place where the top broker was listed, then made about 100 copies of that doctored list which I plastered on my closet door where I got dressed every morning. Two years later my name was in fact at the top of the daily "production" list, with no cut and paste necessary!
First published: 22 Mar 2011
Last updated: 22 Mar 2011