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This market environment is so difficult. Can you give some advice on how to stay grounded?

Q: I'm discouraged today as I continue to lose in my positions. Im learning to do tighter stops and only commit 10% each trade now - adding more if the position moves.

I understand its a difficult market climate (no thanks to the feds with QE2) [as of March 9, 2010] and we are in limbo ending this bull market and in the beginnings of the next bear market.

I could use some suggestions about how to stay hopeful - I continue to reread your FAQs and am beginning The Battle for Investment Survival.


A: Battle for Investment Survival is a classic. It was written early in the 20th century yet it continues to hold true today. Keep reading, learning, and log a journal of all your trades- why you bought, why you sold, then revisit this journal at the end of each quarter. Know that even the most challenging environments eventually come to an end. As O'Neil used to tell us, there will always be new bull markets.

First published: 9 Mar 2011
Last updated: 9 Mar 2011