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This new stock is going to be huge. You might want to track it.

Q: I would suggest you check out and track BER (on the TMX) BE Resources,Inc, a small metals exploration company with a deposit in New Mexico. Since they started I have seen a classic evolution, through restructuring, new funding, and upgrading the geologic model for the discovery. The primary
mineral target is the element beryllium, in the form of bertrandite ore. If speculation has it right, it is a century event with a sizable investment return and expanding global markets. They have an effective website, as well, fully describing the venture and current leadership.


A: BER.V trades on the Vancouver Exchange, an exchange that is notorious for "penny stock" hustles, and this one sounds like another one to me. In most cases a company "shell" is taken and some enterprise is found to stuff into the shell, usually a resource company mining or searching for some "hot" metal that has "special" uses, oil or shale oil deposits "just waiting to be mined," or some environmental or water purification process that is going to change the world. Then they "market" the hell out of the stock as insiders unload as the stock trades up 1-2 dollars.Trading at $1.24, this is a junky little penny stock that will suck in investors who get starry-eyed over the fact that they are searching for Beryllium, an "exciting" rare-earth metal that has oodles of amazing applications. Don't waste your time with penny-stock hype stories. We prefer to stick to established exchange-listed stocks with institutional followings and which have real products and real earnings and sales growth. That is how we made our fortunes in the stock market, not by investing in $1 "hot story" stocks.

First published: 31 Oct 2010
Last updated: 31 Oct 2010