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Dr K Market Direction Model
Various ETFs

Here are some examples of ETFs.

For a list of ETFs with exposure to foreign markets, go here: http://www.indexfunds.com/articles/20000824_etflist2_new_veh_JS.htm

For a list of leveraged ETFs, go here: http://etfdb.com/type/equity/leveraged/


1-times normal

SPY (S&P 500 - this index contains commodities-related stocks)

IWM (Russell 2000)

RSX (Russia)

EWO (Austria)

THD (Thailand)

EWC (Canada)

FXI (China)

EWZ (Brazil)

EPI (India)

ILF (Latin America)

EPP (Asia Pacific ex-Japan)

UUP (Dollar Index)

SMH (Semiconductor Index)

RJA (Rogers Intl Commodity Index)

DBA (Agriculture: several)

DBC (Oil/gas)

JJS (Agriculture: cotton, coffee, sugar)

GLD (gold)

SLV (silver)

BAL (cotton)


2-times normal

AGQ (silver)

DGP (gold)

UPV (inverse Europe)

EWZ (Brazil - play on commodities)

SSO (S&P 500)


USD (Semiconductor Index)


3-times normal

SOXL (Semiconductor Index)

UPRO (S&P 500)


TNA (Russell 2000)

TYH (Russell 1000 Technology)

EDC (Emerging markets)


1-times inverse

RWM- Russell 2000 1x bear. It should approximate 1x the inverse of the Russell 2000.

PSQ - NASDAQ 1x bear. It should approximate 1x the inverse of the NASDAQ Composite.

VXX - corresponds to the performance of the S&P 500 VIX short-term futures index. When the market is heading lower, this ETN (exchange traded note) rises.

SH- inverse S&P 500 - this index contains commodities-related stocks

UDN- inverse dollar index

EUM - emerging markets


2-times inverse

ZSL (inverse silver)

DZZ (inverse gold)

EPV (inverse Europe - play on sovereign debt problems)

BZQ (inverse Brazil)

SDS (inverse S&P 500)

QID (inverse NASDAQ 100)

FXP- (inverse China)

SSG (inverse semiconductor)

EEV (emerging markets)


3-times inverse

TZA - Small cap 3x bear. This should provide one of the greatest gains should the market begin a downtrend as small caps tend to be the most volatile of the major indices.

TYP - Russell 1000 Technology 3x bear. This will behave similarly to the SQQQ.

SQQQ - NASDAQ 100 3x bear

SPXU - S&P 500 3x bear

EDZ - Emerging markets 3x bear

SOXS - Semiconductor 3x bear

First published: 17 Nov 2010
Last updated: 24 Mar 2011