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Market Lab Report
What do you think of Kelton's new book, "The Deficit Myth" regarding the US government's ability to print without consequence?
I would disagree with the book's overall premise. Uncontrolled money supply has always inevitably led to people using alternatives such as gold or black market currencies. No government has ever been able to force its people to use its currency. Bitcoin enables borderless transfer of value so this makes for an alternative that never before existed, thus black market currencies can be avoided.

While a government can force an artificial form of employment, this does not guarantee strong output, ie, wealth creation. Economies have been pushing on a string. COVID brings economies to their knees.

If you want a good analysis of historical cycles going back 500 years and more, read Ray Dalio's pieces on LinkedIn. But while he asks the question of what's next, he doesn't raise the point that the wildcard to all of this that could create a uniquely different ending is the exponential growth of technologies that have gained serious traction within the last decade. This includes blockchain and AI. Separately, they're both formidable. Together, even more so. Meanwhile, other technologies such as autonomous vehicles, CRISPR, deep learning via neural nets, digital biotech, networks and computing systems, robotics, the health-medicine-longevity-escape velocity, AI with computers that pass the Turing test, AI-based education, virtual and augmented reality, nanotechnology, cybernetics including neural lace, 3-D printing in all its forms, and others are all growing exponentially. Buckle up. We're going into a new era.

First published: 28 Jun 2020
Last updated: 28 Jun 2020