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Dr K Market Direction Model
What if I miss the neutral signal because it came just a few minutes prior to the close?

The signal on August 23, 2011 came a few minutes prior to the close:

MDM - Model switches to neutral August 23, 2011

Published : August 23 2011 at 15:57 ET


For those members who could not act on the signal until after the close, they should sell their positions either after the close or before the open (which some brokerage houses allow) provided they can get roughly the existing premarket prices, ie, not pay a wide spread. With most liquid ETFs, the spread is tiny.

Otherwise, one can sell one's position(s) at the next day's open. In some cases, one may realize a higher or lower sell price. One may also decide to put sell stops of varying levels to get them out of the position. For example, PSQ (1-times inverse NASDAQ-100) closed at 34.57 on August 23, 2011. It shows it is currently trading premarket at 34.95 (as of 8:23am PST). One could use trailing stops to get them out of the position rather than selling it outright.

First published: 24 Aug 2011
Last updated: 24 Aug 2011