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Won't the very success of your site/book/interviews road shows etc . detract from ensuring the extreme focus you speak of as necessary/and affect the future results?

We've been known as multi-tasking madmen :o). For example, I find that switching gears in the middle of a hectic day to compose music clears and refreshes my mind. I also wore many hats the several years I worked at William O'Neil+Company, Inc. having had several different job functions. Likewise, Gil found that heading up the institutional sales department back when he worked at William O'Neil+Company, Inc, rather than acting as a distraction, actually enhanced his trading. These activities prevented us from being too close to our screens as being too close tends to take away from performance as one is more likely to get wiggled out of positions prematurely. As Fred Richards has said, he prefers to look at his stocks only at the beginning of the trading day, and at the end of the trading day. For him, looking any more frequently is liable to distract from good performance.

I personally prefer to run screens throughout the trading day. But in between running these screens, I do other things such as my ongoing research studies on the market, answering emails, composing music, writing stock market pieces, and so forth.

First published: 26 Sep 2010
Last updated: 26 Sep 2010