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Pocket Pivot Review / Buyable Gap Ups
Would your Pocket Pivot Review and Buyable Gap Ups reports alert me to the strongest stocks?

Q: Assume a bull market that has a handful of the strongest stocks necessary to build wealth. Would your Pocket Pivot Review and Buyable Gap Ups reports, over a couple months, alert me to most of those stocks? Or are you just picking out one or two for illustration purposes, and it's up to me to know if I'm in the best stocks?


A: We focus on the stocks with the best risk/reward characteristics. This means finding stocks that are fundamentally and technically very strong. As to which of these top stocks are the best, that is up to each investor to decide for themselves. Price/volume action will give clues via various buy points including pocket pivot buy points so one may pyramid into their stronger, better performing positions. [Gil's style.] Alternatively, one may wish to keep position size smaller, thus end up with a portfolio of 8 to 12 strong names. Of course, this is a process whereby capital is force fed into the strongest names. It is a dynamic process where one will be routinely sizing down the weaker positions, and buying into new names showing more strength. [Dr K's style.]

First published: 4 Feb 2011
Last updated: 27 Aug 2012