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General Questions
You have cited both legendary futures trader Ed Seykota as well as Martin Armstrong, but Armstrong pleaded guilty to conspiracy so how can you place stock in what he says?

You might want to watch The Forecaster, a well received documentary made about his nine year ordeal with the US government when he tried to blow the whistle on major investment banks including Goldman Sachs. Much of his reading audience at his website www.armstrongeconomics.com which is in the few million based on various metrics are highly educated, accomplished types who have a good understanding of how "justice" sometimes works. He was the only person ever made to sit in a jail cell for seven years because he refused to turn over his IP which is based on pi cycles and, since the early 1980s, has shown itself to be highly predictive of major turning points. 

Things are not how they seem as we cross into a major tipping point as of 2015 according to Seykota and October 1, 2015 according to Armstrong. Ed Seykota describes this brilliantly in his book "Govopoly". Both men are on the same page with respect to where things are headed.

Where I disagree with Armstrong is that he lacks an understanding of cryptotechnologies which ultimately can decentralize power structures and are the first technologies that stand a chance to break these cycles. Seykota, on the other hand, has started to agree with my views on this matter. Never before have so many smart minds become involved in what they believe could be even more revolutionary than the internet. Thus while some can scream "end times ahead", things sometimes have to fall apart before they can fall into place. Armstrong believes governments will eventually break apart into smaller regional governments in the coming years which, in my view, would probably be catalyzed by cryptotechnologies.

First published: 4 Feb 2016
Last updated: 4 Feb 2016