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You said, " O'Neil doesnt trade CANSLIM. CANSLIM is for retail investors." What exactly did you mean by this? Please elaborate.
CAN SLIM is a template for growth stocks. O'Neil varies frequently, e.g., in 1999 when dot.com stocks were running up on sales growth only, and had no earnings - no "C" and no "A." O'Neil uses precedence analysis to understand what stocks work in what environments as well as understanding what the market is rewarding in real-time - its how we bought defense stocks after 9/11, turnaround situations in 2003, dot.coms in 1999 etc. As well, position sizing (e.g.,, buy 1/2 then add 2% here and 2% there) is not necessarily like O'Neil describes it in his simulations at seminars.  Often, if we liked something enough and felt it had penetrated the "line of least resistance," we'd take a 50% position in nothing flat. CAN SLIM is a good system for indiviudal investors who want to participate in strong bull markets where growth stocks typically lead the market. Use CAN SLIM in a whipsaw market, however, where growth stocks are not necessarily the primary leadership, and you can get chopped up pretty good. My view is that CAN SLIM is how O'Neil has distilled down his growth strategy to make it undestandable and usable by indivudual, or "retail" investors.
First published: 3 Oct 2010
Last updated: 3 Oct 2010