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Chris Kacher
  • Nuclear physicist
  • Stock & crypto market wizard
  • Blockchain builder
  • Bestselling author
  • Top 40 charted musician
  • Biohacker
  • Former computer hacker
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General Questions
Your track record and other numbers are truly impressive but hard to believe. It would mean you're doing better than some of the best hedge funds in the world.

I don’t blame you one bit for your skepticism, especially given the amount of misinformation and exaggeration that exists on the web. After I achieved triple digit percentages (>100%) for 6 years in a row, they said such returns were impossible. So I had a big four auditor KPMG verify my trading account. Gil Morales did the same for his account using hedge fund auditor Rothstein-Kass.

Keep in mind we have the advantage over hedge funds of NOT running $250 mil+ accounts. When you're trading smaller amounts, you have the luxury of being able to enter and exit positions with far less slippage. Big hedge funds, meanwhile, are like elephants getting into and out of a bathtub when they enter and exit positions. That said, there are many stocks which are too thin which we can no longer trade. But those members who may have smaller accounts can easily trade thinner names. 

In 2009, the renowned published Wiley & Sons asked me and Gil Morales to write a book on our learning experiences as traders and as legendary investor William O’Neil’s right hand men and top performing portfolio managers. We have since written three books for Wiley. The first book became a bestseller and is now in five languages.

If you google my name “Chris Kacher”, you will find much information about me in the sciences as well as in the investment world. I am in Chapter 1 of “Conversations with Top Traders” by Kevin Marder among many other publications.

You will see I’m a bit of a polymath as Christian Casher is my stage name. Two of my songs have charted. I do all my music pro-bono. In other words, when it has been used in video games, documentaries, and other media platforms, all I ask is to be credited appropriately. I feel fortunate I am doing the things I love to do, and one of my goals is to help others be true to their nature so they too can live a life of fulfillment.

All results are all time-stamped on our Virtue of Selfish Investing website. We would not have the sizeable following which continues to grow if our methods were not successful in terms of stock selection and market timing.

We both technically “retired” years ago but believe we are here to help others reach full potential. I answer the question on this matter here: Why share your trading strategies with others?

First published: 7 Feb 2017
Last updated: 4 Mar 2017