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Showing 12 news items in July 2011.
01 July 2011

2011 has, so far, been a mostly trendless environment. Even the market wizards who are tracked as 'trend followers' are down this year...

Fortunately, such difficult periods to come to an end, and new trends do begin. It the meantime, it's wise to keep an eye on the markets, and keep taking shots, though with perhaps smaller positions, until the market proves itself.
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05 July 2011

Gil Morales on the recent market rally and his predictions for gold and silver.

05 July 2011

Given all the possible permutations of the continuing debt dilemmas in both the United States and Europe, finding a way to profit from the potential effect they’ll have on the markets is a complex challenge. Indeed, the current global landscape is fraught with so many cross-currents that calculating potential causalities is becoming less of a science and much more of an art.
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07 July 2011

Gil Morales talks about gold and explains how massive liquidity is driving stocks higher and higher.

07 July 2011

US, Europe will likely continue to inflate their way out of debt crises, printing money and debasing their currencies, so keep an eye on precious metals - but don't buy just yet. Read the full article here.

07 July 2011

Chris Kacher says that since June 2010, the general markets have yet to correct -10% even with QE2 over. Further, the negative news out of Portugal was not enough to take the market down. It is a sign of inherent strength in the general market when bad news does not derail the general market. With QE2 over, treasuries dropped & money went into the stock market, thus we’ve seen this straight up from the bottom action in the general markets. The bounce off recent lows could also be market forces taking into account quantitative easing in Europe, or Euro-QE. It could also be an indication of US QE3 to come. In the meantime, the market trades in a relatively trendless manner that characterizes 2011 so far.

19 July 2011

Apple's stock has always been a sweet spot for investors, but it's recently come off one of the worst first six months of the year; and with Google's Android mobile operating system overtaking the iPhone in the smartphone space, Gil Morales wonders if Apple could be losing its lustre.

21 July 2011

3:15 Gil Morales and Chris Kacher as co-founders of Virtue of Selfish Investing and co-authors of "Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple, on new trends in the market and watching pharmaceuticals as well as Apple and Silver & Gold.''

26 July 2011

Gil Morales debates whether gold will continue its rise.

26 July 2011

Chris Kacher discusses market direction and market strategy.

28 July 2011

We are in the third year of Obama's administration, the year before elections, so the Obama administration does not want to make any unpopular moves, thus will do everything to prevent a financial crisis.

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29 July 2011

Gil Morales argues the markets are ignoring the debt-ceiling debate in Washington.