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Showing 10 news items in September 2011.
06 September 2011

Gold to Hit $2K By Year's End? Gil Morales gives his prediction on where gold prices are headed in this market.

06 September 2011

When the dust had settled by the close on Aug. 8, the stock market, as measured by the Nasdaq Composite Index, had nose-dived over 18% off of its July peak, leaving investors shell-shocked as scores of leading stocks split wide open to the downside. While many would like to believe that a low was made in early August, if history is any guide investors are likely to find themselves entering what we call the “chop zone” as we move into the month of September.
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08 September 2011

Kacher and Morales founders of Virtue of Selfish Investing, use their proprietary Market Direction Model for accurately timing trends in the stock market. Virtue of Selfish Investing' s Market Direction Model is on track to score yet another near triple digit percentage gain this year.
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08 September 2011

Virtue of Selfish Investing's Market Direction Model is on track to score yet another near triple digit percentage gain this year.

"The long term results of the model going back to 1974 are +33.1% annually using the NASDAQ Composite, a major index," said co-founder Dr. Chris Kacher.

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09 September 2011

Gil Morales explains what he is seeing in these terrible markets right now.

15 September 2011

Chris Katcher and Gil Morales talk to Dan Cofall about QE3: It’s effects on the general market and precious metals. Greece is rescued but other dominoes will fall in Europe Fallout: Countries that are "too big to bail".

20 September 2011

Signs are showing that the latest bounce which began on September 12 is a dead cat bounce...

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28 September 2011

Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, Founders of SelfishInvesting.com; Managing Directors of MoKa Investors, LLC. and Danny Stewart take calls from listeners who have stock picks. They also talk about Europe and what is going on with all the leaders that seemed to back away from the table as soon as they had a deal in front of them.

29 September 2011

Copper losing its sheen? Gil Morales weighs in on copper prices and whether they are signaling an economic turn for the worse.

29 September 2011

Chris Kacher discusses CMG, PCLN and HANS.
Even though the market direction model has been on a sell signal since August 31, if one has to buy a stock in this challenging environment, buy with caution. Always know your exit point if the stock heads south. When the general market falls, it takes most stocks with it. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a low tide can moor all boats.