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Showing 11 news items in March 2013.
04 March 2013

Things may not be so bright in the solar sector. Solar stocks got a big lift from President Obama's recent State of the Union address as he touted renewed government intervention in the energy markets as a way of promoting the growth of alternative-energy sources. This has sent solar stocks into the pole position in the group leadership rankings over the weeks since then.

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04 March 2013

Dr Chris Kacher on QE and its effects and whether the markets and economic data reflect the real state of the economy.

    He also talks about
  • how low interest rates and a falling USD are affecting savers
  • is the US on the road to oil independence

Individual stock discussed: US Silica Holdings (SLCA)

04 March 2013
    Dr Chris Kacher talks about
  • his trading strategy of looking at both fundamentals and technicals
  • sell rules, in particular the Seven-Week Rule
  • AAPL
04 March 2013

Dr Chris Kacher talks about QE and argues that it's not a long-term cure for the problems in the economy and how it could actually be an obstacle to growth.
Individual stocks discussed: SLCA, LNKD

06 March 2013

Will the market keep going up? Chris Kacher talks about the Virtue of Selfish Investing, his book, QE3 which he calls QEternity, and how the economy must recover before we can see any slowing of QE3.

06 March 2013

Chris Kacher’s response to Diego Moya-Campos, Latin American Analyst at HIS, on his opinion regarding the future of Venezuela as the result of Hugo Chavez’s death.

06 March 2013

Chris Kacher – CNBC's Closing Bell from London, talks about why he's not investing in Europe, why he prefers U.S. stocks, the ECB's action to create fictitious wealth, and why U.S. is possibly in a recession right now. $WMT is an indicator on what is going on in the U.S. economy today.

06 March 2013
11 March 2013

There is nothing scarier than trying to buy a massive upside gap-up in a leading stock... Psychologically, the initial conclusion one might draw by observing such a wild upside price move is that the stock is simply "too high to buy" and therefore one must simply chalk it up as a fish that got away.
Surprisingly, however, our studies show that such gap-up moves, when they meet certain criteria, can often serve as very "safe" and actionable buy signals.

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20 March 2013

CHRIS KACHER joins the George Jarkesy show to talk about the Euro Zone and IMF as well as what you should know about the sell-off in U.S. Futures.

25 March 2013

Gil Morales talks about certain stocks that are breaking down on the George Jarkesy show, and how QE is really what's driving this market.