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01 May 2012

Today, Apple AAPL +1.73% represents about 17% of the Nasdaq 100, but its effect on the markets seems to have an even greater impact on the direction of the Nasdaq 100. Since major market indices correlate to a high degree, the "Apple effect," in turn, has a significant influence on the other major market indices and raises the question, "Has Apple become the market?"

Read the full article here.

(This article was also published in seekingalpha.com and townhall.com)

01 May 2012

Changing market conditions inspired the creation of "pocket pivots," explains Chris Kacher, who tells how to use them to generate buy signals in advance of potentially powerful moves.

01 May 2012

Find stocks with solid fundamental stories first, says hybrid analyst Chris Kacher, and then mix in technicals to put the power of both analysis methods behind your trading decisions.

01 May 2012

Chris Kacher discusses a proven price- and volume-based model that provides reliable buy and sell signals across different equity assets classes in all market conditions.

07 May 2012

Chris Kacher as the stocker picker for WBBM’s Noon Business Hour talks about two important stocks.

09 May 2012

Europe Continues to Trash U.S. Markets. Gil Morales on Europe's impact on the market and why he still believes gold can hit $2,500 an ounce.

10 May 2012

"Ask Slim" show host, Steve Miller discusses regret in regard to trading and talks to Dr Chris Kacher.

15 May 2012

Technical Analysis: How Market Context Is A Powerful Tool To Separate The Leaders From The Laggards
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | 11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Learn how to use market context to gain the edge in the interpretation of chart patterns. Learn how market context can take many forms, ranging from the obvious to the subtle. Learn how to spot potential new leaders during minor market pullbacks, intermediate market corrections, and full-blown bear markets. Learn how to buy into current leaders on market pullbacks.

The Secrets Of Trading Like An O'Neil Disciple
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, authors of the bestselling book, Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple-How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market, reveal the secrets they learned as a result of trading with legendary investor Bill O'Neil during their respective tenures as portfolio managers with William O'Neil + Co. in Los Angeles, California. In this four-part intensive workshop you will learn:

  • How the pocket pivot buy point strategy safely anticipates stock breakouts and provides low-risk early entry points in leading stocks
  • How to capitalize on market weakness or outright bear markets using effective short selling techniques
  • How a buyable gap-up price move can signal the start of a massive gains in an established or emerging market leader even though such a gap-up can appear "too high" to buy into
  • How the Market Direction Model, which is based on a proprietary algorithm, captures intermediate to longer-term moves on the upside and the downside that help keep investors on the right side of the markets
23 May 2012

Gil Morales & Dr. Chris Kacher talking about technical analysis and investing in Facebook and Apple.

30 May 2012

Gold Not Getting it Done Anymore? Investment advisor Gil Morales breaks down why money is moving into Treasuries and not precious metals.

11 June 2012

Finally Time to Buy Facebook? Investment advisor Gil Morales discusses why he is purchasing shares of the social-networking website.

12 June 2012

Chris Kacher on "Wall Street Shuffle" show with Dan Stewart talking about November elections, fate of the Euro, bubbles in China, gold, and is it time to buy Facebook?

20 June 2012

Gil Morales talks about his predictions about Facebook, when he will sell, and other stocks he likes.

21 June 2012

Gil Morales discusses the current market environment, gold and Europe.

21 June 2012

While the last several years have seen huge losses for most investors in stocks, it has provided some valuable insights and allowed development of new concepts for stock investing. Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales regarding their take on the markets, particularly commodities.

25 June 2012

Gil Morales discusses the current market environment and the need for sound stock-picking while giving his assessment of some listeners' picks: CAKE, JVA, SAFM, ABAT, SGEN.

27 June 2012

Chris Kacher discusses the current market environment, the EU summit, quantitative easing, and individual stocks.

02 July 2012

The losses that greedy investors took when their "easy money" play in Facebook didn't work as they foolishly entered orders to buy it on its debut have led to a spiteful investor and media backlash.

Read the full article here.

03 July 2012

Being an Active Investor Gil Morales talking about being an active investor and making smart moves in the market.

03 July 2012

Dr. Kacher discusses quantitative easing in the US, UK, and Europe. UK and more than half Eurozone countries are in recession. US to follow? It's quantitative easing which props the markets vs new dominoes to fall in Europe unless central banks act. But is it the proper long term solution?