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21 July 2011

3:15 Gil Morales and Chris Kacher as co-founders of Virtue of Selfish Investing and co-authors of "Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple, on new trends in the market and watching pharmaceuticals as well as Apple and Silver & Gold.''

26 July 2011

Gil Morales debates whether gold will continue its rise.

26 July 2011

Chris Kacher discusses market direction and market strategy.

28 July 2011

We are in the third year of Obama's administration, the year before elections, so the Obama administration does not want to make any unpopular moves, thus will do everything to prevent a financial crisis.

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29 July 2011

Gil Morales argues the markets are ignoring the debt-ceiling debate in Washington.

01 August 2011

August is often thought of as the height of the summer doldrums for traders and investors, and, on the surface, this is often true.
However, traders and investors can gain an edge in the otherwise quiet, final month of summer by keeping an eye out for things percolating under the surface. Often, the “dull” month of August lulls investors to sleep even as the makings of the next market move are quietly developing under their very noses.
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02 August 2011

Gil Morales shares his thoughts about two recent IPOs that he believes could be big upside gainers in the future.

05 August 2011

Gil Morales discusses whether investors are too afraid to invest in precious metals.

06 August 2011

There has been virtually no safe harbor in yesterday's market action.
Stock as well as commodities of all sorts- oil, steel, metals, etc got hit hard.

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08 August 2011

Chris Kacher says precious metals appear poised for further gains in light of a slowing global economy and the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating. He also names some short ETFs for investors who can handle the volatility.

09 August 2011
18 August 2011

Dr. Chris Kacher of virtueofselfishinvesting.com reacts to this morning's selloff and tells Jack about his book, "Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market."

19 August 2011

Gil Morales talks about the current downturn, why he's short stocks and what might turn the market around. Also discusses his views on gold and silver.

22 August 2011

Gil Morales on why the markets have not hit bottom yet and whether investors can still profit despite the bearish outlook. Also discusses prospects for gold and silver.

24 August 2011

Time to Buy?
The general market had what some might consider a buy signal because of a follow through day that came today, August 23, 2011.

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25 August 2011

Gold’s Wild Ride Continues. Gil Morales argues you should still invest in the precious metal.

06 September 2011

Gold to Hit $2K By Year's End? Gil Morales gives his prediction on where gold prices are headed in this market.

06 September 2011

When the dust had settled by the close on Aug. 8, the stock market, as measured by the Nasdaq Composite Index, had nose-dived over 18% off of its July peak, leaving investors shell-shocked as scores of leading stocks split wide open to the downside. While many would like to believe that a low was made in early August, if history is any guide investors are likely to find themselves entering what we call the “chop zone” as we move into the month of September.
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08 September 2011

Kacher and Morales founders of Virtue of Selfish Investing, use their proprietary Market Direction Model for accurately timing trends in the stock market. Virtue of Selfish Investing' s Market Direction Model is on track to score yet another near triple digit percentage gain this year.
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08 September 2011

Virtue of Selfish Investing's Market Direction Model is on track to score yet another near triple digit percentage gain this year.

"The long term results of the model going back to 1974 are +33.1% annually using the NASDAQ Composite, a major index," said co-founder Dr. Chris Kacher.

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