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Market Lab Report(MLR) - Blockchain Empowers the Individual by Decentralizing the State

Market Lab Report / Dr. K's Crypto-Corner

by Dr. Chris Kacher

The (R)Evolution Will Not Be Centralized™ 

The Matrix asked What is Real?

What does the wealth gap, blockchain, witch hunt crimes, govopolies, war, economic lockdown, and exponential technologies have in common?

Let's start from first principles. Take this as base-1 reality, a slice of the totality that Elon Musk refers to as base-0 reality. Ground zero. Some scientists from respected universities, over the last several years, have identified multiple dimensions and multiple universes. The bridge between science and spirituality is being built. "Spirituality" can be thought of as something that science cannot yet explain. Nikola Tesla said the full reality was composed of vibrations, frequencies, and energies. 

Based on thousands of testimonies from those who have experienced near-death situations then came back to life, we are here for spiritual growth. This means learning to find compassion, understanding, and forgiveness, no matter what. On a practical level, when someone says or does something that deeply offends or affects you or your loved ones, we are here to learn to find compassion for that person as hard as that can be at times. We are all one. If the damage is on a larger scale such as state level, then seek to change or move to a different system. Not an easy decision whatsoever. 

Naturally, seek to minimize any damage done by any such person or government. If possible, rehabilitation over retaliation since negative energy can be contagious, especially "an eye for an eye". Instead, seek to reframe the event into something realistically positive. In reality, nothing is bad. We each create our own reality based on our perceptions which drive our actions. All "bad" presents a challenge from which we and humanity as a whole can grow. Change is the only constant in markets and in life. Change brings opportunity.

War is Primitive

All the destructive behavior we see can be overwhelming. But one often knows not what one does. Such behavior is often rooted in the subconscious due to early experiences. Subconscious programming resulting from such experiences can be reprogrammed.

CRISPR which can optimize one's genetic programming (coming soon to a basement near you) as well as NLP which legendary futures trader Ed Seykota has used to create superstars in the world of trading are but two effective life-changing strategies. As I titled the last chapter of our first bestselling book, “Life is Trading; Trading is Life”, any NLP practitioner worth their salt should always offer a 100% money back guarantee if they have not cured you within 3 sessions. The American Psychiatric Association has naturally put big money into their attempts at discrediting NLP since it deeply impacts the profits made from patients.

Witch Hunt Crimes 

Of course, things are never so simple. Even a healthy person in a damaged, corrupt system will suffer. Some situations are government-manufactured by way of rights crippling laws where to help oneself or one’s loved ones, one must hurt others. The red scare of the McCarthy era ruined the careers of many innocent victims. One often had to whistle blow on peers or have their own careers ruined. Then there was the government sanctioned reefer madness of the 1960s where countless numbers of people were and have been jailed from the victimless use of marijuana. In China and Hong Kong, recreational marijuana use by actor Jackie Chan's son disgraced the whole family. His son was sent to prison.

Modern day witch hunt crimes are numerous from certain anti-drug laws to certain anti-sex laws and are often nothing more than fears of the mind since, in such cases, few to none are actually being harmed, or the benefit greatly outweighs any minor temporary risk or damage. It's a shame something as powerful, beautiful, and therapeutic as ayahuasca is an imprisonable offense.


Seykota wrote in his seminal book "Govopoly in the 39th Day" that when the costs and consequences of regulation outweighs productivity, that is the beginning of the end for that society. He said we have never been closer to that tipping point. He calls it the 39th day because in a pond ecosystem, duckweed doubles each day. He equates duckweed with government regulations. By the time you reach day 30, the amount of duckweed has become clearly noticeable and rules the pond. By the 39th day, the amount of duckweed suffocates any remaining life in the pond. We are at day 38, or the 11th hour. The average length of the long term debt cycle is 75 years so the current situation of fiat debasement can continue for yet a few more years before the sovereign debt bubble blows apart.

The answer is to gradually decentralize power structures so power is not held by the few but by the many. This is the intent of democracy. Sadly, in practice, democracies typically degrade into great imbalance, much as we are seeing today, which is why Ray Dalio of Bridgewater points out why fiat reserve currencies have a limited lifespan, often dictated by the long term debt cycle which has more or less repeated over and over again over the last millenium.

The Wealth Gap

COVID accelerates the wealth gap. The middle and lower classes are getting destroyed. Livelihoods are being decimated. Limitless liquidity pushes stocks and hard assets higher. Those who own are further enriched. In consequence, over the last century, there has never been a greater difference between the top 10% and bottom 90%. Populism is skyrocketing. The situation is becoming increasingly unstable. Waves of social unrest are brewing.

Enter Blockchain

Blockchain is the first technology of its type to potentially spread power among the many through its trustless architecture just as bitcoin enables the trustless and borderless transfer of value, out of the hands of government control. It represents a store of value which cannot be inflated away by anyone or any government.

Digital platforms have become increasingly trustworthy as shown by our dependence on them, but digital is a double-edged sword from loss of privacy and the build out of the surveillance state as detailed by Edward Snowden in recent interviews. Blockchain introduces trustlessness by eliminating reliance on a third party. This applies to transactions of value therefore affects the way business will be done in the future, and especially to the way governments are built. I know, that's a lot of dots to mentally connect.

Rational Governments?

Kaspar Korjus who created e-Residency in Estonia has written that future governments could operate on a pay-for-use basis, so one would bid on services needed. Such a government would be extraordinarily efficient and lean. Blockchain technology would facilitate the transformation of the traditional variants of power-hungry governments which include all governments, as corruption is just a matter of degree. Power corrupts. Efficient, lean, incorruptible digital government can be part of our future. We can thank "Nakamoto's" beyond brilliant creation of the trustless model known as bitcoin and all its crypto kids.

Decentralized Planet

Decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are the future, seeding the landscape, operating autonomously in the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain + AI are evolving at breakneck speeds. Their symbiosis is astonishing.

Decentralization has already been achieved with bitcoin for borderless transaction of value and p2p bit torrenting for borderless transaction of data, both which are ultimately outside the control of anyone or any government. Even if the internet was shut off, mesh networks have been built to override such a situation. Even if electricity was cut, technologies are already in place to address this so bitcoin and the internet would continue onwards and upwards in some form even if forced underground, ie, into the dark web. There are always solutions to override any moves made by any governments. Indeed, Forbes published an article on how the dark web which facilitates both legal and illegal transactions has been one of the fastest growing economies due to the growth of corrupt governments. It had grown to $11 trillion at the time the article was published some years ago.

While it is true that all technologies are double-edged swords, from invasions of privacy to social scoring in authoritarian China which can affect one’s credit scores, the decentralized, trustless architecture of blockchain puts power into the hands of each individual, while draining it from traditional top down, centralized governments. **From centralization to decentralization**.

ExpoTech vs. Economic Lockdown

These technologies evolve at an exponential rate so Peter Thiel should take note. Government and group think culture has increasingly plagued Silicon Valley and the west and east coast Ivies since we put a man on the moon. Thiel has rightfully argued this has stalled progress in numerous ways. But these technologies are out of the hands of government control. Think peer-to-peer file transfer which began in the mid 1990s with Napster. Governments have tried to eliminate it, but for every Pirates Bay that is taken down, 10 new ones are born.

Highly Evolved Beings

Thus it is conceivable that despite the mess in which the planet finds itself, expotech can create much real wealth while saving much time. **Think how labor intensive things were in the 19th century compared to today**. The average person would have fewer working hours and more time to spend on creative pursuits. This real wealth is orthogonal to the printed kind, so the planet could afford to provide certain tools that encourage productivity and creativity to everyone from the wealth that is generated: broadband, a laptop, a mobile phone.

Of course, this would also include adequate defense, police force, and court systems. But as we evolve as a species, we eventually may reach that state of HEBs (highly evolved beings) as described in detail in volume 3 of Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh. In such a society, each knows “we are all one” so violence, war, crimes, and cheats become a thing of the past. The practice and belief in "We are all one" creates a fully decentralized society. Oversized egos have gone extinct.

One knows that to harm someone else is to harm oneself. Should one go off track, there are immediate therapeutic, rehabilitative technologies to make the person whole again. These societies are AI-intensive wealth generators through technologies we will reach someday, so everyone has a life of comfort and time to focus on creating across a broad spectrum of forms in art, music, business, science, and technology. Optimal weather control of course has long been mastered.

So perhaps the long term debt peace to war to peace cycle becomes a distant memory, as expotech drives a broad spectrum of bleeding edge innovations including bitcoin which eventually becomes the world's reserve currency to parabolically supercharge the evolutionary rise of humanity.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a post by Eric Weinstein, one of my favorite podcasters. No doubt, the road to a higher order will be met with challenges:
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