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MLR - Learn How To Invest or Improve Your Investment Technique in the Stock Market

Learn How To Invest or Improve Your Investment Technique in the Stock Market [This has also been archived in the Articles section of VoSI]


Virtue of Selfish Investing is not just for intermediate level or advanced investors. Through our growing FAQ section which also could be referred to as stock market investing 101 as well as stock market investing 500, investors of all types and levels of experience including those at the beginner stock market investing level can learn something new or fine-tune their existing strategies. The keyword search phrase bar makes finding topics quick and easy. And if you have any follow up questions, feel free to write us.

Learning how to invest in the stock market is a road paved with potholes. But that is the essence of becoming proficient at any skill. They say 10,000 hours minimum is required to achieve mastery of a subject. But as Lao-tzu once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And while this is all fine and well, one may wish to let Virtue of Selfish Investing do the work for them if they dont have the time or inclination to learn about investing in the stock market. Our Market Direction Model ETF report service switches signals on average between 12 to 20 times a year, thus trading is infrequent and takes very little time to execute. We make the process simple. You will receive emails as soon as there is a change in signal. We have set up the site to do this so there is no time delay in getting timely updates to our subscribers.

For those willing to spend 15 minutes a day, our stock report services including Pocket Pivot Review, Follow The Stock, and Short Sale Set-ups can be of great use in terms of helping those generate watch lists of stocks about to break out, or of those stocks about to break down, then taking action on buying a stock, adding to an existing position, or shorting a stock.

And for those willing to spend more time, our regularly scheduled and impromptu webinars give real-time up to the minute views on the general market and individual stocks and ETFs. Through these webinars, members will get a sense of how Gil and Dr. K implement their broad range of market techniques and specific methodologies in real-time as they pertain to current market conditions and leading individual stocks. To further benefit subscribers, Dr. K and Gil will answer general market questions regarding technique and methodology, as well as expound on the aspects of psychology and the critical role it plays in successful investing. As well the webinars are designed to give subscribers an idea of how judgement is developed with respect to interpreting what can sometimes be conflicting or unusual market behavior. When all else is equal, using judgement gained over years of experience is often the deciding factor between success and failure. VoSI webinars are designed to shorten your learning curve, and allow you to learn from our experience and its real-time application.

Here are the highlights of some of our recent webinars:

Jun 13, 2011 A short video with some quick comments on today's pre-open action from Gil Morales

Jun 07, 2011 HIGHLIGHTS: The end of quantitative easing 2 and what it means for the general market and precious metals; possible shorts; the challenging trendless general market; market direction model buy or sell signal depends on QE which props market vs. leaders which have been acting poorly

Jun 06, 2011 The Punchbowl of Death (POD) Short-Sale Set-Up

May 31, 2011 HIGHLIGHTS: QE2 is ending. Where are the opportunities? Where are the pitfalls?

May 24, 2011 HIGHLIGHTS: Market context; end of quantitative easing 2 and what it means for the markets; views on various stocks to short

May 23, 2011 After-Hours GoView.com Video: Gil Discusses the Ramifications of Today's Sell-off

May 17, 2011 HIGHLIGHTS: Why investors should stay vigilant and watchful when the market turns sour, and not just go away, shut down, and go into hibernation.

May 09, 2011 HIGHLIGHTS: How we played AGQ (2-times silver ETF); why market direction model went to sell instead of cash; stock commentary.


We believe successful investing is not about being on the bull side or the bear side, but on the right side. The market direction model can help shed light down the often dark and treacherous pathways that are part and parcel of investing in the stock market, and our ability to pick the right stocks for buying or shorting make for a formidable symbiosis. So whether you are trying to learn how to invest in the stock market or a seasoned investor, our ETF and stock report services can be a welcome and profitable companion in these challenging, uncertain times.

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