Market Timing

This subscription includes the following services:

Dr K Market Direction Model™

This service will be of most use to those who have little or no time to watch the stock market. We make the process as simple as possible. Emails will be sent to you with precisely what ETFs to buy. The type will depend on market conditions.

Dr. K created the algorithms in the early 1990s as a nuclear physics Ph.D. student at the University of California at Berkeley. This work eventually became his Market Direction Model™ which discerns and identifies trends based on the price/volume action of the major indices and leading stocks. These algos are continuously refined to help improve their ability to identify buying and selling pressure that ultimately signals the start of a new market trend.

Market Lab Report

The 'Market Lab Report' provides our analysis on stocks and the markets. We also may include special edition Market Lab Reports as needed that cover market psychology, thematic developments among leadership areas of the market, discussions and analysis of the macro-economic and market view, and basic trading tips, among many other topics that would otherwise fall outside the purview of our other report services. The Market Lab Reports are designed as a general forum within which we discuss our thoughts about and approach to the current market environment, including the thematic basis for actionable stock ideas. This is not a one-way, "bull market only" service, as we will provide actionable short-sale ideas during bear markets. We believe that the trend should always be your friend, whether bull or bear.