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Q: As a stock trader, how do you optimize your mind and body before the market opens?

ANSWER: I usually am up 2 hours ahead of the US open. I first do the following:

  1. Meditate using such sites as calm.com or headspace.com then I practice the Wim Hof breathing technique which immerses the brain in oxygen.
  2. I fix myself a super high end Dr K Brain Buzz Smoothie™ which is a proprietary potion of my own design. It consists of various ingredients I’ve confirmed over the last many years via published work in research journals that have excellent anti-aging and brain health properties. My Ph.D. in nuclear physics has always kept me close to research journals when I want to know the truth, as opposed to the massive amount of misinformation that exists on the internet. Best to google each ingredient below to get a good idea on dosages of each ingredient as it will depend on your body weight, metabolism, and potentially other factors. That said, you can find suggested dosage guidelines on various sites.


Dr K Brain Buzz Smoothie™ Ingredients:

  • magnesium citrate (calm focus)
  • he shou wu (anti-aging, energy boost, mental focus, partially restores original hair color
  • reishi mushroom (powerful anti-aging)
  • chaga mushroom (powerful anti-carcinogen though some other ingredients on this list also have anti-carniogenic properties)
  • shilajit (powerful anti-aging, boosts metabolism/weight loss, energy boost, mental focus). It is critical to buy from a reputable source such as lotusbloomingherbs.com otherwise heavy metals can be an issue.
  • probiotic multivitamin / multimineral supplement
  • aloe vera juice (healthy skin)
  • lipoic acid (anti-aging, insulin normalizer)
  • acetyl-l-carnitine (boosts metabolism/weight loss)
  • turmeric (powerful anti-oxidant, brain booster, reduces arthritis, antidepressant)
  • cinnamon (boosts metabolism/weight loss)
  • virgin coconut oil (brain health, boosts metabolism/weight loss)
  • hemp oil (anti-aging, anti-anxiety)
  • hemp protein powder (no artificial colors or sweeteners)
  • pregnenolone (strengthens memory)
  • beta glucan (lowers LDL cholesterol, skin health, insulin normalizer)
  • raw ginger (digestive system health)
  • panax ginseng (universal benefits such as energy boost, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, insulin normalizer)

Dr K Trader’s Tea™

To help me stay in total focus throughout the day, I also make a large pitcher of what I call Dr K Trader’s Tea™ which consists of my proprietary blend:

  • powdered sencha green tea (focus). The powdered whole leaf resulted in the highest levels of EGCG, a powerful anti-oxidant, in research studies.
  • yerba mate tea (focus). Bestselling author Tim Ferris’s favorite tea when he writes.
  • virgin coconut oil (brain health, boosts metabolism/weight loss)
  • turmeric (powerful anti-oxidant, brain booster, reduces arthritis, antidepressant)
  • cinnamon (boosts metabolism/weight loss)
  • lemon juice (detoxes body and skin). I use quite a lot though since I like my tea medium strong, the lemon and honey balances out the green tea nicely.
  • raw honey (anti-oxidant, digestive system health)
  • he shou wu (anti-aging, energy boost, mental focus, partially restores original hair color)
  • aloe vera juice (healthy skin and hair)
  • hemp oil (brain health, healthy skin and hair)
  • raw ginger (digestive system health)

The l-theanine in tea helps one stay focused by promoting an alpha state in the brain. This allows for heightened learning as well as a feeling of calm and well-being which can help especially during volatile markets. It also neutralizes any effects from the caffeine.

That said, if one easily gets rattled by volatile markets, it is a sign for self-examination. As legendary futures trader Ed Seykota always says, embrace and celebrate your emotions because they are there to teach you something about yourself. Indeed, “Know thyself” are the two most important words when it comes to investing since risk tolerance levels and pain thresholds are unique to each person.

Exercise The Right Way

I then do intense 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off sit ups, pushups, pullups, and other exercises (sprinting straight up a staircase in a 10-story high-rise is ideal though you could also do an all-out 30-sec run at top speed). The key is that the intensity must be at your maximum during those 30 seconds. I do two total sets of 10 minutes each using different muscle groups. Intense, short bursts of exercise trigger the release of certain key anti-aging hormones while you sleep. So there’s no excuse not to exercise. Consult your doctor before taking on any new regimen as higher levels of intensity may need to be slowly and gradually achieved depending on your health.

Eat The Right Way

I have always been fit, and yet I was able to go from 172 lbs down to 145 lbs, my high school weight, in 18 days by eating 600 calories every other day. My waist went from 33" to 29". On "free" days, you can eat as much as you want. Eating 600 calories on alternate days forces the body into fat-burning mode 24/7. Further, by eating in this manner, your stomach will shrink so on "free" days, you'll find yourself eating less.

The key to sticking to the 600 calorie days is to eat foods that fill you up so you don't feel hungry. Any nutritional strategy that becomes part of my lifestyle cannot leave me feeling hungry or such a strategy will have a high quit rate. The foods that are low in calories but fill you up? Vegetables (excluding starchy ones such as potatoes), whole grains (quinoa and spelt are excellent), and beans. Eat a large bowl twice a day. Season it up with spices such as garlic powder/flakes, hot chili peppers, herbs (thyme, sage, etc). You may notice your sleep improves, plus you wake up feeling quite "clean" the next day. This psychologically reinforces the habit of the low calorie days. I kept it going for 6 months. I ultimately love food way too much, and London being London, there were too many foodie opportunities. So I do low calorie days when I can, which is probably about once a week. My weight over the next several months went up to 155-158 where it remains to this day. I consider it a happy compromise.

Continuation of No Sick Days (fingers crossed)

I never discuss age because the body hears what the mind thinks. I tell everyone to say you are the age you feel. Thus, I’m still "25" (though I still feel exactly as I did when I was a teen) as I long ago erased chronological age from my brain. I have not had a sick day since 2004, or 13 years. Some years ago, a diagnostic in Switzerland clocked my biological age at 26. They said biological age can speed up, slow down, or even regress depending on how one lives their life. I do believe I am living proof of being able to stall and even regress the aging process. I recently got carded at clubs in Brazil and in Costa Rica of all places! Here’s a recent pic of me. With huge advancements being made, we can all look forward to medical technologies that will help stall or regress the aging process.

Dr Chris Kacher


T-Minus 1 Hour Before The Open

With about an hour left before the US market open, my investment partner and I put together the daily Premarket Pulse Report on our website Virtue of Selfish Investing. In writing the report, we read through any reports of interest as well as any material news items that happened overnight that may have moved markets. We also go through where certain key stocks, especially those on our Focus List (Market Lab Report - How to use our Focus List to optimize your stock entry and exit points) are trading in the premarket as well as metrics such as the price of oil, precious metals, and bonds. Foreign stock markets such as the UK/European bourses, Japan, and China are noted. We also run a premarket gap up screen showing those stocks trading appreciably higher than their prior day's close - among other things.

I believe a sound mind, body, and spirit are keys to successful trading, thus my daily ritual described above has stood me in good stead over the many years as a trader. But those in entirely different fields who have followed this strategy have said it help not just in their careers but also in their relationships as an optimized body and mind are the basis for success in any endeavor.

Dr. K's Crypto-Corner Reports

The bitcoin/blockchain revolution will transform most all centralized corporations and governments. The implications are beyond vast. Blockchain is still young, perhaps about where the internet was in 1995. Here are some examples of previous reports which help readers connect the dots as to why this technology is arguably game-changing for humanity.

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