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In The News

Showing 9 news items in June 2013.
03 June 2013

Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher say there is something eerie about the stock activity of Telsa today and General Motors in 1915. Read the full article here.

03 June 2013

Gil & Dr. K's article, "Is gold's rally over? - A major buying opportunity may be here". Read the full article here.

05 June 2013

Gil Morales with Frank Curzio talks about gold on S&A Investor Radio about TSLA, GMA, Gold and what stocks will be doing in the short term.

10 June 2013

Gil Morales appears on Stuart Varney’s show to talk about LuluLemon and LinkedIn as the stock pick of the week

12 June 2013

Regulation Fair Disclosure, or "Reg FD" as it is more commonly referred to, has been blamed for the fact that during earnings season these days we tend to see a lot of stocks that either gap up or gap down following their quarterly earnings reports... This has had the effect of making holding the stock of any company into an earnings report something of a game of "earnings roulette."... But the fascinating truth is that it is often not necessary to try and bet on the outcome of a stock's earnings report, because if one utilizes the "buyable gap-up" technique, one can easily latch onto and ride some very nice upside price moves.

Read the full article here.

12 June 2013

Chuck Jaffe of MoneyLife talks with Gil Morales about Virtue of Selfish Investing's methodology of trading, plus Gil addresses a list of stocks asked by listeners whether to buy, sell or hold.

17 June 2013

On Stuart Varney's show, Gil made the cut for "stock of the week" and takes his victory lap for LinkedIn. Here he is giving his next picks: Tesla (TSLA) and InvenSense, Inc. (INVN)

19 June 2013

An Interview with Chris Kacher and Gil Morales
Last December's release of In the Trading Cockpit with the O'Neil Disciples marked renowned portfolio managers Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales’ second full-length book on the subject of investing in growth stocks.

Read the full article here.

27 June 2013

Gil Morales tells Stuart Varney on Fox Business when he believes it's the right time to buy gold.